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Umbilical Hernia Belt

Umbilical Hernia Belt

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The umbilical hernia belt is designed to provide support for umbilical hernia before surgery, or as an alternative to surgical treatment for reducible hernias. The belt can also be worn after post surgery to support the stomach muscles and protect the incision site, thus speeding up recovery and lowering the chances of recurring hernia.

The belt is made of durable, lightweight, and flexible elastic cotton blend material, which is breathable and moisture wicking for increased comfort, thermoregulation, and moisture control. The properties of the fabric allow it to provide gentle compression and support, and adapt to the shape of the body without causing discomfort or rolling down.

The umbilical hernia truss features a removable anatomically concave silicone pad, which provides localized pressure on the hernia. The pad is lined with soft fabric for added comfort and is secured with Velcro closure, allowing to remove the pad or place it anywhere on the belt.

Velcro fastening of the truss ensures easy on and off and customized adjustment of compression and fit.

The slimline design of the belt allows to wear it for extended periods of time under regular clothes.

Due to its innovative features, the umbilical hernia belt offers instant pain relief and ensures stable support for the hernia site, promoting the healing process in a faster and more comfortable way and preventing recurrence.

Colour - Black
Size Small/Medium suits approx 71cm - 100cm
Size Large/Extra Large suits approx 101cm - 137cm

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