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Model G360C-CH Repeating Countdown Timer for Medication Reminders and much more

Model G360C-CH Repeating Countdown Timer for Medication Reminders and much more

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The “Global 360” can help take the worry out of remembering for persons needing that “extra nudge” to comply. Sometimes a short reminder is enough and sometimes it is not. “Global 360” will have it covered either way.

Built in Countdown Timer gives an audible alert when your preset time reaches zero and will automatically reset and countdown again as needed. The alert is up to 30 minutes or can be shut off manually when you have responded to the reminder. Any amount of Time can be set. (up to 23 hours and 59 minutes.)

The Daily Alarm can also be set and gives an audible alert for up to 20 minutes.


Medication Reminders-
Set the countdown for reminders when medication needs to be taken at regular intervals. (i.e. every 4 hours) You can also set the daily alarm for a reminder to take a med at the correct time each day. Take your medication before shutting off the alarm and you are ensured to follow through because of the long duration of the audible alert.

Set the Countdown Timer for An Awakening Routine (i.e. 3 hours) to get up to urinate at intervals after going to bed.
Daytime Incontinence –
Use the Countdown Timer to remind you to use the bathroom at regular intervals (i.e. 2 hours). This “timed voiding scheduling” will help avoid incontinent episodes.

Potty Training 
Parent plans Potty Schedule for Frequent Potty Breaks (i.e. 2 hours) and let “GLOBAL 360” do the reminding. Eliminates the need to be constantly watching the clock.

Diabetes Control 
Set the Countdown Timer for the required amount of time (i.e. 4 hours) and you will be alerted that it is time to eat or Check Blood Glucose levels.

Eating at regular intervals during the day works. (i.e. every 3 hrs.)

Care Givers-
No need to be constantly watching the clock.

Infant Feeding Reminders-
Regular schedule is easy to keep.
Timed Naps-
Set the Countdown for your daily allotted time.

Memory Impairment 
Use the countdown timer to remind you when timing a household task (such as laundry) so you keep on track to get the task done.

Limiting and Scheduling of Time – Setting the countdown timer for a specific amount of time is an easy way to limit oneself or children in a function or task. If you allot an hour of TV or 30 minutes for Internet use you cannot ignore the audible alert from the “Global 360”. Whether it is for a reminder to start dinner preparation or for the kids to do homework, the daily preset time can also be used to help keep everyone on schedule.

Back Pain – When sitting for a prolonged time is required, set the Auto Repeat Countdown Timer for 20 minutes and be reminded to take the pressure off your spine by stretching or taking a brief break moving around.


Power Supply and Universal Adapter Plugs Included:
Allows for International use with built-in Auto Detect Voltage disparity:
Eliminates the need for a converter when traveling.


Selectable Volume:
User adjusted switch allows Sound up to 85 dBs

12/24 Hour Clock Selector:
Gives the option of reading the clock time in either 12 hour or International Standard.

Snooze Button:
Allows you to stop the alarm and be alerted again in 9 minutes.

Battery Back Up:
CR2032 Button Cell included. (Life Expectancy of approximately 2 years.)
During a power failure or when relocating the clock, the time and preset times for alarm and countdown timer will remain set.

Voltage Adapters included:
This complete package comes ready to satisfy any user worldwide.

One Year Warranty:
Our one year warranty gives you piece of mind that your product will deliver quality performance.

CE; ROHS - With these certifications you know that this product is not only safe to operate but also safe for the environment.

The Solution For:

International Travelers Medication Compliance Bedwetting
Incontinence Infant Feeding Reminders Care Givers
Shift Workers Early Risers Heavy Sleepers
Hard of Hearing Deaf Students

Display: Red Digital
Clock Size: 1 ¾”H X 4”W X 3 ¾”D

Model G360C-CH Repeating Countdown Timer for Medication Reminders and much more (includes Universal AC Adapters)

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