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GPS Smart Tracker Locator Unit

GPS Smart Tracker Locator Unit

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An SOS alarm that works anywhere – not just at home. When the button is pressed it immediately sends GPS location & starts calling up to 10 Emergency contacts. Features automatic fall detection with speakerphone & microphone in pendant. Alarm “talks” to you throughout your emergency. Showerproof. No monthly monitoring fees however Simcard top up fees will apply.

With the Eldertech Mobile Alarm you can go anywhere knowing help is just a press of a button away. It is perfect for people who want to feel safe everywhere – not just at home. There is no need to have a mobile phone. The mobile alarm avoids voicemail and can be cycled to repeat the text and calling sequences.

A simple to use, stylish pendant that works using the 4G mobile network. With built in GPS tracking the pendant calls up to 10 of your emergency contacts (can call ‘111’). At the same time it sends up to 10 help messages showing the wearers location on Google Maps accurate to within 2 meters. Emergency voice calls & texts. No false alarms & your alarm “talks” to you, guiding you through the emergency help sequence. 5 to 6 day battery life. 20 minutes to charge. The quality and clarity of the 2 way voice is amazing.

When one of the emergency contacts answers the wearer is able to talk hands free through the shower proof pendant. Anyone who knows the mobile number of the pendant can call it and it will answer in speakerphone mode. German & Swiss designed GPS

Optional accessories include Belt Clip & Rubberized Watch Band.

.Main features

  • Uses the Spark mobile network. Covers 97.5% of New Zealand's population. 
  • Calls up to 10 friends or family (can call 111) until someone answers.
  • Has 2-way “hands-free” voice communication with high quality, easy to hear audio.
  • Automatic fall detection. Sends “fall alert” text with location & calls up to 10 contacts.
  • Uses GPS and Google maps to send your location to your contacts immediately.
  • Family & friends can call the pendant. Pendant can call out to 1 nominated contact.
  • Avoids voicemail. Smart voice guide “talks” you through your emergency.
  • Price includes prepaid SIM card with the first month incl, setup and delivery. Completely ready to go out of the box.
  • No monitoring fees. 12 month warranty. 30 day return policy.
  • Best possible indoor & outdoor mobile signal strength using 4G network.

We include the GPS Tracker, Magnetic USB Charger, Lanyard and a Spark Prepay Sim Card set up with supplied emergency contact numbers. You can now choose a standard charging cradle or a Bluetooth charging cradle.

We start you off on the Spark Prepaid Value Pack, all you need to do is top it up as you go or set up a monthly top up. Top up at (prepaid) (Monthly top up fees of approx. $20 will be required to keep your Simcard active)


LOCATION FINDING - If you're caring for a person that may wander - simply text 'Loc' (for locate) anytime and the Pendant will respond by returning an SMS with the user's location. This SMS  will contain the Google Maps link, simply tapping the link will display the location of the wanderer on Google Maps.

GEO FENCE - You can set three GEO Fences so if a person enters or leaves an area, the persons monitoring the units will be notified by SMS of GEO Fence being broken. Great for knowing if someone wanders out a house door they are not supposed to.

FALLS DETECTION - Includes Falls Detection with 10 second delay to cancel for false alarms.

RECEIVING AND MAKING A NORMAL PHONE CALL - Call into the Pendant anytime and the incoming call can be answered by the user pressing the SOS button momentarily. Press and hold the discreet side call button to make a normal phone call to a nominated emergency contact.

EASY TO PROGRAM - Simply program the Pendant by texting commands from any mobile phone. Easy to follow instructions. We provide the unit pre-programed with up to 10 family & friend contacts.

Works in the home or wherever you are providing you have 4G cellular coverage. Please contact your network provider to confirm coverage in your area. Tested & Works with Vodafone 4G - Check your local provider for your 4G coverage area.


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