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Doorbell with Coloured Flashing Lights

Doorbell with Coloured Flashing Lights

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Never Miss Someone At the Door!
Doorbell Ringer Flasher - For Deaf and Hard of Hearing people

Has switches for ring/flash or ring only or flashing only notification

Doorbell button lights up to let you know its sending the signal to the flashing unit so your visitors don't have to figure out if its working or not.

Works great in noisy places eg factories, warehouses etc

Flashing unit assists notification in a quiet environment
Small & portable so you can take it with you when you travel

Light flashes over complete unit making it very easy to see from any part of the room.

Great for homes, apartments, offices, flats, work cubicles, work stations, anywhere you need a flashing doorbell system.

Does not interconnect, suitable for use as 1 unit only

Doorbell button uses 1 x AAA battery incl
Flashing unit uses 3 x AA batteries 
not incl
Easy to fit with double back sticker for doorbell button incl

3-1/2" high X 2-3/8 wide X 1-1/4" at base

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